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I have tried my hand at nearly every genre of creative writing, from poetry and adventure novels to political diatribes, from science fiction to philosophy, jokes and film reviews. Most of what I have written is in English, but a few of my short pieces are in Dutch and some are in French. My most frequent themes are political and social commentary, European-American relations and the state of the world. Some of my work is posted below. I would enjoy hearing your comments.

A Tale of Survival: From War Ravaged Europe to the Promise of America
This novel is a personalized story of the 20th century, complete with all its horror and all of its promise. The story chronicles how I survived WWII, came to America alone at 18, eventually thriving and earning a Fulbright scholarship. As my life as a professor unfolds, I see my own experience mirrored in the history of the times, with all of its stormy, sometimes murderous, sometimes joyous explosions.

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Humanity’s Future: The Next 25,000 Years.
The story evolves from mundane, early twenty-first century  contemporary  politics to a cosmic  apotheosis. The first chapters examine the struggles of current nation states, with a special focus on the United States. Presidential successions, immigration, the economy, the energy crisis, the war on terrorism, etc.

History advances through the constant ebb and flow of progress and  retrogression, taking one step back for every two steps forward. In the near future,  the US and the Western Hemisphere suffer  great  decline. However, there occurs a  Renaissance -  the Great Awakening. The Western Hemisphere, a new confederacy called Hispaniola, once again will provide renewed leadership and inspiration to the world.

Gradually, there is world unification, and expansion into space.  In time, there is a federated  Earth - Gaia -  which expands into the Solar System - Solaria. There are many ups and downs and tragedies,  even in the distant future. However, bit by bit, war between nations becomes something of the past and humankind relies increasingly on true science.

Scientific  progress means space travel, the conquest of space, super communication networks, and above all:  the science of the mind. True science is not mechanistic. It is the science of consciousness.

Humanity is a forward moving intelligence.  It moves towards perfect knowledge - what primitive cultures have  called “God.” Humanity becomes  a unified macro-organism, now called Solaria. In addition,  there is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

Throughout this history, dozens of figures appear. They are major historical figures, some bad, some good, some related to each other in long dynasties. They are society’s political and  scientific leaders and protagonists. They help humanity to overcome conflict, wars and  other challenges.

Solaria is the leading anti-entropic  life-force in the galaxy and ultimately in the universe, counteracting the universe’s relentless  race towards  ultimate  entropy and oblivion.

The narrative  culminates in a apotheosis when, in the late twenty-fifth millennium, Solaria begins to  expand into the galaxy in order to  humanize it. Because of Solaria/humanity,  the universe becomes  self-aware. Humanity evolves towards the Omega point, the point in infinity where total knowledge is achieved.

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Searching For Christine
Searching for Christine is a fun, fast-paced cloak-and-dagger novel. Matt is a young professor in California. He and his girlfriend Christine are deeply in love. Christine goes to a medical convention, but then she disappears - somewhere in Europe. Matt frantically goes searching for her. This takes him to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Budapest and many other places, each time finding clues about Christine's fate and whereabouts, but arriving just moments too late to rescue her. He bumps into mysterious men and women, not knowing whether they are friend or foe. His trek across Europe is a dangerous but exciting adventure, involving violence, political intrigue and criminal conspiracy. It is also a travelogue, Dan Brown-style. It is humorous and knowledgeable, with surprises in every chapter.

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I Spent My Life Practicing Politically Incorrect Sociology
This book is an anthology of 376 articles and essays. Some of these have been published in places like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Playboy. The items are very diverse. They include amusing short essays, serious sociological analyses, postmodern narratives, political diatribes, and critiques of many prevailing assumptions. I analyze dozens of social issues and political events, I debunk the reactions to these by lay people and by academicians. I take on political correctness as well as stereotypical responses to inequality, crime, sex, race, terrorism, etc. The work is the product of nearly 40 years of experience in teaching, publishing and arguing, as well as my rich international background.

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Letters from the House of the Yellow Star, written by Margit Gorog
This is a series of letters written to me by my grand-mother in 1944, when she and the rest of my family were corralled into the Budapest Jewish ghetto and prepped for deportation to Auschwitz. While my grand-mother survived the Holocaust, she was pretty sure when she wrote these pages that she would not. These letters are comparable to Anne Frank’s diary.

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